It’s been quite the winter in Illinois, 2014 has come at us with harsh cold temperatures and inch upon inch of snow. Hopefully you took some preventative measures earlier this winter or fall to protect your trees; here are some tips you can follow throughout the year and prior to next winter to make sure your trees are ready!

When planting new trees, make sure to chose trees that do well in your area; there are a variety of tree species and native trees will have better, lasting results in your landscape. Living in Illinois, especially, northern Illinois can result in experiencing harsh winters – if you have been here this year, you know what we mean! Sub zero temps for multiple days in a row, heavy snowfall, harsh winds! Having said that, trees that are meant to live in a different region, simply won’t make it, or will have an extremely hard time doing so.

Keep excellent plant maintenance throughout the year. A recurring maintenance schedule all year long will result in healthier, stronger trees and will be able to survive thru the cold, snowy, winter better than your unmaintained trees.

Make sure to inspect your trees during Spring time, this inspection will allow you to promptly address any damage and take care of it in time.

Prep for the winter season and remember to prune your trees once they have gone dormant, to ensure no new growth is present.

Apply a good layer of fertilizer in fall, this will promote a strong root system development.

Lay a layer of compost down around the bases of your trees to moderate temperature changes and wetness loss.