The Fall season is upon us and with it, homeowners and business owners begin to identify trees that need trimming or need to be removed.  It is best practice to always hire a professional tree removal company to help you take care of what is required so it can be completed safely; following, please read some safety tips for handling tree trimming and tree removal.

    • Whenever you are dealing with a tree located near power lines, always assume that the lines are energized; it’s better to be safe than sorry!

-Utility companies should always be contacted prior to working near the power lines
-Caution should be used when working around downed trees and power lines

  • Trees should not be trimmed or removed during dangerous weather conditions
  • Prior to beginning any tree project, the area should be examined for safety concerns and prepped accordingly
  • Protective equipment should always be used; hard hats, gloves, hearing protections, safety goggles, are just a few.
  • When removing a tree, use extreme caution in the area, ensure pedestrians, pets, and objects are out of the way; examine falling direction and execute with caution
  • Prior to climbing a tree, standing on a branch, etc.; determine them for strength and stability