Natural Tree Service Inc is Barrington and Elgin’s full service tree removal company, we offer home and business owners with an affordable, professional and most importantly safe mean to get the job done right.

Unfortunately there are times when you will need or want to take down a tree, whether it has become unsafe or it stands in the way of a new building or other project. The best and safest way to take care of this project is to hire a professional tree removal company.

So what services are or can be included in a tree removal project?

A tree removal project typically consists of several steps:

1. You will receive a written estimate stating the services included and rate for the project.

2. On your scheduled day, so long as the weather is cooperative, the team will arrive and ensure the area is safe to proceed. Safety equipment will be used and safety rules enforced.

3. Tall, wide trees will be cut down in several steps, the first is to climb up and begin cutting pieces/branches of the tree in manageable sizes. Upon removing the limbs, we will continue with the trunk of the tree, we will cut it into pieces until we are left with a a tree stump.

Many times we will chop up the tree trunk and haul it, other times, home owners request to get it cut up into firewood- this is dependent on each project. Homeowners can also request to get the tree branches “chipped”.

4. The -sometimes dreaded- tree stump. While some homeowners decide to leave a tree stump as a decorative feature to place a flower pot, etc., most decide that the best and safest (especially with children) solution is to also get the tree stump removed. Most tree removal companies offer tree stump removal as well, make sure to ask if this service is included in the estimate and if it is not, request an estimate for this service. Different equipment is required to complete this task which is why the additional fees apply, in any case, make sure to be specific with your contractor so that both parties understand what is included at what rate.