What to look for in tree removal companies:

When you are ready to hire any type of contractor to work on your home or business, specifically tree removal services, it is of crucial importance to consider the following:

1. Insurance– probably one of the most important factors in determining whether or not you should hire a specific tree removal company is determining if they have insurance. Liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance are must-haves when hiring any contractor, especially one that completes dangerous tasks, such as cutting down a tree, tree removal, stump removal, or dangerous tree trimming.

2. Professional tree removal equipment– once you have made sure to ask for proof of insurance, you should look into the tree removal company’s equipment:
– is it professional-level equipment?
– is it well maintained?

3. Safety equipment and procedures– we all know that a tree removal project can be quite dangerous and it is important to ask your tree removal service professional questions about safety. Some questions include:
– how long have you been doing this- what experience do you and your team have?
– has your team ever had any major accidents? How? When?
– how often do you review safety procedures?
– what is your policy on protective gear? Helmets? Goggles? Ropes/pulleys? Safety pants and gloves? Etc.
– is there anything I should be aware of or do prior to your arrival?

4. Scheduling your tree removal project– tree work is an outside task, therefore your tree removal schedule date will be dependent on weather. Be sure to ask your tree service professional what their scheduling policy is. When will you know when the job will take place? How much notice will you receive, etc.

Another key factor you may want to consider if you have small children is to schedule the project on a day and time that the kids will be in school or out of the house this is just an extra step in being cautious and ensuring they are safe, doing so will also avoid interruptions to their nap time(s) as tree work can be loud.

5. Overall professionalism– whenever you invite someone to be in and around your home or business, you want to make sure you get a good impression from them. Are they respectful? Do they communicate in a timely manner? Etc.

These are just a few tips to consider when deciding which tree removal company to hire, we hope they will help you come to a great decision.

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